Our Story

At Sundaze, we're all about capturing the essence of that blissful, sun-soaked high you get after a long, glorious day by the ocean. Founded in California, our passion for the surf and the sun runs deep, inspiring us to create stylish, retro 5-panel hats made from premium corduroy. Our journey began with a simple quest: to find the perfect hat that fits just right, one that embodies the exhilaration and serenity we feel while surfing the waves or spending a day in the sun. We wanted a hat that didn't just sit on your head but felt like a natural extension of your love for the ocean. Each of our hats is crafted to capture that unique feeling of being out on the water, the sun on your face, and the wind in your hair. Our designs reflect the timeless surf culture and the carefree, dazed joy of life lived under the open sky. With every hat, we strive to encapsulate and share that passion, giving you a way to express your connection to the ocean and the sun, no matter where you are.